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Multi-Agency Safeguarding
WSCB Multi Agency Safeguarding Training
Warrington Multi Agency Safeguarding Training

Warrington Safeguarding Boards are pleased to offer a programme of multi-agency training. This includes courses which are part of a rolling programme as well as new courses that will reflect the Boards’ priorities and the changing agenda for safeguarding.

This programme will be regularly updated as information becomes available. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please visit our website at www.warringtonlscb.org or contact us to discuss further.
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Accent Music Education Hub Events 2019
17 Jan
Please see attached a full listing of Accent Music Education Hub events taking place during the Spring and Summer of the current academic year.
Public Health Campaign Bulletins for January & February 2019
14 Jan
Please find attached January and February campaign bulletins, feel free to pass onto any colleagues who may be interested and also add to any newsletters/bulletins or publications that you feel are relevant. If you have questions relating to the attached information contact: Zoe Rubotham, Resource Officer Public Health Team Tel: 01925 443193 Email: resources@warrington.gov.uk
The Young Songwriter Competition 2019
11 Jan
In it’s 8th year, The Young Songwriter competition is the leading competition for young songwriters aged 8-18 which celebrates their songwriting talents, gets their songs heard and unites young songwriters across the world in an exciting community. 2019 Judges include Tom Odell, Imelda May, Chris Difford, Rumer, Eg White, Miranda Cooper, Emily Phillips & Dan Gillespie Sells. Entries are accepted between 1st February and 31st March. There are three main entry categories: UK and Ireland, 8-12 years old; UK and Ireland, 13-18 years old International category, 8-18 years old. There are two additional special prizes. First, the ‘#ThisIsHowIDoIt Award’ for the entrant who makes the most valuable contributions on instagram and YouTube about how they’ve written their songs (e.g. clips on what inspired the song, how the lyrical ideas came together, how the melodies were composed, how did the song start, how did you record the song, where did you write the song etc.). Second, the ‘Fanbase Award’ for the entrant who generates the highest number of likes of a clip of their song entry on Instagram & YouTube. For full information on the full rules, guidelines and more information about prizes and entries, please visit: https://www.songacademy.co.uk/says19/?utm_source=Copy+of+SAYS19+music+community&utm_campaign=SAYS19+music+community&utm_medium=email